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Best RTP Slots

Have you ever wondered what people mean when they refer to the RTP of an online slot? This stands for Return to Player Percentage and represents the value a punter can expect to get back as a return from their stake. In theory, the higher the RTP, the more you are likely to win. However, even with this clarified, it still leaves a couple of very interesting questions, which are whether it’s better to play at a land-based casino or an online casino. And which games present you with the best chances of winning the most money?

We can tell you straight off the bat that playing online will always yield a better result than spinning the slots in a brick-and-mortar casino. Typically, land-based slots will run with an RTP between 70% – 90%, whilst their online counterparts average around 95%, which is quite the difference. As for which of those games have the potential to pay the most, our experts have put a detailed RTP guide together for you, explaining all you need to know, which includes a definitive list of the best RTP slots available in the UK.

Best RTP Slots

How Is The RTP Calculated On A Slot?

In slots, RTP (Return to Player) is a metric used to determine the expected long-term payout percentage to players. It represents the average amount of money returned to players over an extended period, expressed as a percentage of the total bets made on the slot.

RTP is calculated by considering the probabilities of various outcomes and their associated payouts. Let’s break down the equation into layman’s terms to understand how RTP is determined:

RTP = (Total Payouts / Total Bets) * 100

In this equation:

  • Total Payouts: The sum of all possible payouts during gameplay. Each winning outcome is multiplied by its corresponding payout amount and summed together.
  • Total Bets: The total amount wagered by players over a specific period.

To calculate the RTP, you divide the total payouts by the total bets and multiply the result by 100 to obtain a percentage value.

For example, let’s say a particular online slot has a total of €90,000 in payouts during a given time period, and the total bets placed on that slot amount to €100,000. Applying the formula:

RTP = (€90,000 / €100,000) * 100 RTP = 0.9 * 100 RTP = 90%

So, the RTP for this particular online slot would be 90%. This means that, on average, players can expect to receive €90 for every €100 they wager on the machine.

It’s important to note that RTP is a statistical calculation based on the long-term theoretical performance of the slot. Therefore, it does not guarantee individual winnings or predict short-term outcomes for any player.

Slot RTP Calculator

Use our free RTP Calculator Tool to work out the Return to Player Percentage from your gameplay. Just type in how much you have bet and how much was returned, and our calculator will give you the exact value of the RTP you have been playing with.

Slot Variance Vs RTP

The relationship between RTP and slot variance is inversely proportional. Generally, higher RTP slots tend to have lower variance, while lower RTP slots tend to have higher variance. Let’s explore this relationship in more detail:

  • Lower RTP, High Variance: Typically, slots with a lower RTP percentage, such as 94% – 96%, are likely to have higher variance. These games tend to pay out less frequently but have the potential for larger wins. Players may experience longer losing streaks before hitting a big win. While the potential for significant payouts exists, it also means that players have a higher chance of depleting their bankroll before landing a substantial win.
  • High RTP, Low Variance: Generally, sots with a higher RTP percentage, such as 98% – 90%, have lower variance. These games offer more frequent payouts, but the individual wins are usually smaller. Players may experience more consistent winnings and extended gameplay with a reduced risk of quickly losing their bankroll. However, the trade-off is that the potential for massive jackpots or huge wins is typically lower in these styles of games.

It’s important to note that RTP and variance are not directly dependent on each other. Game developers can design slots with various combinations of RTP and variance to cater to different player preferences and playing styles. Some slots, such as titles from developer Wazdan, even offer adjustable variance options, allowing players to select their preferred level of risk and reward.

When choosing a slot game, it’s crucial to consider your own playing style, bankroll size, and risk tolerance. If you enjoy the excitement of chasing big wins and are willing to accept higher volatility, then playing high variance slots may be more suitable for your requirements. On the other hand, if you prefer more consistent and frequent payouts, lower variance slots with a higher RTP may be a better choice.

Finding The RTP Of A Slot That You Are Playing

To find the specific RTP (Return to Player) of an online slot, you can find out this information in several places:

  • Game Rules or Help Section: Within the slot itself, there is often an information section, help menu or paytable that provides details about the game rules and features. You’ll typically find the RTP information is included in one of those.
  • Game Provider’s Website: Visit the official website of the game provider or software developer that created the game. Many reputable providers disclose the RTP values for their games, either on the game page on their site or in their documentation submitted to the appropriate regulatory bodies of where the game will be licensed.
  • Online Casinos: If you are playing the slot at an online casino, it might also provide information about the RTP of the games they offer. Look for a dedicated section or page that provides details about the games.
  • Slot Review Websites: Various websites, such as own here at Demoslot, provide comprehensive reviews of online slots, all of which include the RTP rate of the game.

Remember that the RTP value can vary from one slot to another. Therefore, it is important to check the specific RTP for the game you are playing, as it can affect your overall chances of winning in the long run.

Variable RTP Rates

After a shake-up with licensing conditions from the UKGC in 2019, online casinos were forced to adjust both the welcome bonuses they offered players and, in some instances, the RTP of the slots on their site. Thankfully, not all game developers provided alternate RTP models for their games initially, and controversially at the time, Play’n Go were the first studio to really feel any heat for doing so. However, over time, more studios began offering operators different Return to Player models, with the likes of Pragmatic Play, Hacksaw Gaming, and Push Gaming producing games that dip below 90% if the casino opts to use that particular version.

Do New Slots Have Higher RTP Levels To Begin With?

Whilst you might get the impression that somebody is always winning on new slots that are released into the market, it is purely a myth that they are set with a higher RTP rate initially so that they pay out. All games are thoroughly tested by an independent party or parties for fairness, with reputable companies such as eCOGRA and iTech Labs ensuring that the integrity of all online slots released to the public is intact.

One of the best pieces of advice that we can give you is to only play at certified and reputable slot sites such as the brands we list. These casinos are trusted and use only genuine software provided by the game developers. If you choose to play at a rogue site, they could be using versions of slots carrying an incredibly low RTP rate, giving you next to no chance of ever winning a penny.

Best RTP Slots 1

RTP & Wagering A Bonus

If you have accepted a welcome offer from a casino, it will likely have some form of wagering requirement attached. Generally, this will range between 30x – 80x the bonus amount. So, if you claimed a 100% bonus up to €100 with a wagering requirement of 35x, you would need to play through €3,500 before your balance was eligible for a withdrawal.

When you are up against such formidable numbers, finding slots with high RTPS can be a great way to eat through the wagering. Why? Because if you go a good run, your balance can often hover around the same amount even after you have played 100s of spins through it. This, of course, means you potentially wipe out a big chunk of the playthrough and edge yourself closer to a washout.

Whilst this is sound advice, you should always thoroughly read the terms of any bonus you have accepted. For example, some casinos may exclude certain games with high RTP from counting against the wagering, or only 50% of your stake on each spin may be classed as wagering credit.


  • The potential for longer gaming time from your deposit.
  • These are the best games to play if you are trying to wager though a bonus.


  • The potential to win a substantial prize is somewhat diminished.

Final Thoughts

Playing high RTP slots is always a double-edged sword in my eyes. If you go to the absolute extreme and end up on a game with an RTP of 98% or more, then you might be getting plenty of wins coming your way, but even if you trigger the bonus round, you’ll likely know that it isn’t going to pay a significant amount.

I personally think that blending in some slots with a higher RTP amongst your usual favourite games is the best way to enjoy extended playing time. However, if you are trying to wager through any kind of bonus, I would strongly recommend sticking to slots with the highest RTP you can find that will count towards your playthrough.